Monday, 28 June 2010

Great news for girls best at SEO!!!

Good news for girls best at SEO!!!

Last week the government released the new budget to the public. Amongst many of their budget shrinking plans, a major decision has been made to cease up to 600 websites in order to cut costs further. This decision has caused a stir within the world of the SEO specialist. If you are an SEO specialist that has many links with you could face a large drop in rankings as these sites close.

How is this good news for girls best at SEO?

If you are aware of this cost cutting decision you can try to turn it around before it becomes a problem. With content for these well established sites vanishing, you may well find that creating your own content based on these sites and building relations with those clients who will see their sites vanish, you could establish many more links. By giving clients back the content they have linked to with great interest previously, could provide an amazing opportunity to obtain more links. As girls best at SEO know, more links mean higher rankings. Higher rankings mean increased popularity.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Why are girls best at SEO?

Effective use of the English language

Fantastic communication skills

A firm grasp on a wide range of vocabulary

Attention to detail

The ability to spot a trend

Highly orgnised

Can use multi tasking skills to work on multi sites

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Why Are Girls Best At SEO And Online Marketing?

Why Are Girls Best At SEO And Online Marketing?

The reason why Girls make better Search Engine Optimisers and Online Marketers are?